September 23, 2010

Forum on "Establishing Library Linkages and Resource Sharing in Region 1"

The Philippine Librarians Association, Inc. – Ilocos Region Librarians Council (PLAI-IRLC) will conduct a forum on “Establishing Library Linkages and Resource Sharing in Region I” and a general assembly on October 22, 2010 (Friday) at Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University-Open University System (DMMMSU-MLUC), City of San Fernando, La Union.

The objectives of the forum are the following:
1. To establish inter-relationship among different types of libraries in Region I;
2. To focus on several aspects of networking and resource sharing among libraries;
3. To formulate guidelines for practical implementation of networking and resources sharing among libraries; and
4. To establish mutual consent and written agreements among the libraries on what they wish to share among themselves.

Expected participants are librarians, information specialists, teacher-librarians and other information / library personnel. A forum fee of three hundred pesos (Php 300.00) shall be charged to each participant to defray cost for forum materials, lunch, snacks and certificates, and another three hundred pesos (Php 300.00) for the membership fee renewal for registered librarians.

For details and inquiries, please contact: Sonia S. Isip, 09205841991 ; Florence P. Castro,, 09179857252 ; and Ligaya N. Caranay,, (072) 242-5535 or 36 loc. 123.

You can also download the invitation, program, ched memo/deped memo on this URL:

August 10, 2009

Seminar-Workshop on IFLA-FAIFE Internet Manifesto

The Ilocos Librarians Council conducted its very succesful "Seminar-Workshop on IFLA-FAIFE Internet Manifesto" last August 6-7, 2009 at Regional Educational Learning Center, San Vicente, San Fernando City, La Union. It comprised of Librarians, Teacher Librarians, and other Library Staff from the region.

We're very fortunate to have with us as one of the speakers a proud Ilocana, PLAI National President Mrs. Lilia F. Echiverri who gave a comprehensive overview of IFLA-FAIFE Manifesto and CPE/PLAI Updates. With her are the officers of Ilocos Region Librarians Council.